What Other Parents Says


Although our daughter is now at the end of Primary 3, her four years spent at SPCK was tremendous in nurturing and cultivating in her a deep sense of self-worth and confidence.  Our short visit to the kindergarten staff just this week allowed her to relive all those good times she spent with her teachers and friends.  We remember that the teachers would greet every single student by name when they entered the school gate.  The environment was so family-oriented and inclusive that we were able to trust that our daughter was in excellent hands.

Our daughter also frequently talks about the food that she eats in school, being one of the most fun and interesting times of her day.  She even told the staff that she thoroughly enjoyed the food and time of fellowship with her friends and teachers during her kindergarten years.

We believe that the foundational years are so critical in instilling these intangible values and until today, we still observe that our daughter is continually enjoying a happy and healthy childhood in every sense of the word.  We are very thankful to God for allowing us to be associated with this previous gem in our neighborhood.

Mr & Mrs Tan

My Eldest boy first joined SPCK in 2014 and being a first timer of a preschooler, I would constantly worried about him taking the school bus to school and the school security and so on. For the first month, Darius would always be crying when it was time for school but the school bus uncle would always greet him with patience and kindness. That gave him a lot of assurance to put a step forward to school. In school, he was warmly welcomed by teachers, Auntie Susan and Ms Michele. They would always have a big smile on their faces every time you see them. Dismissal of school was also done in an orderly manner that would give parents a peace of mind. The teacher in charge would always update me with a follow up call whenever I have a doubt on my boys behavior. Given all the positive assurance I was given, naturally my 2nd and 3rd boy were also enrolled into the same School.

In SPCK, there are a lot of curriculums that left fond memories. One example would be the Explorer program which was later introduced in year 2016. My boys took a lot of pride with this program which allows them to earn badges upon completion of given tasks. The tasks allowed them to learn basic life principles which would gradually be part of their daily lives. And I also have to mention they have this Edu steam computer class which teaches them basic knowledge of using a computer. This helps a lot when they proceed to Primary 1.

Throughout these 7 years in St Paul, I have been nothing but impressed by the Principal and staffs of St Paul for their professional commitment and support given. Everything has been so assuring and awesome. We treasured our times with the school and staffs and hope many other students would be part of this big family in future.

Mrs Chen

Both of my children graduated from St Paul Church Kindergarten. It is a wonderful place for the learning and development of children. The teachers are patient and caring towards the children. There is no judgement on where the children in terms of their development. This nurturing environment has allowed my children to embrace learning at their own pace with joy. The administration staff (Susan, kitchen, cleaning staff) are really helpful and friendly. My children know they can trust them when they need help in school. I appreciate that St Paul has a strong emphasis on the spiritual growth of the children. The Christian songs and prayers help show what the Christian life is about. My children enjoyed the curriculum very much. The creativity of the lessons really engages them and encourages them to learn. I remember how my eldest daughter shared the experiences she had doing gardening in the school. The Sportball program she took part in also helped build up her confidence in ball games. It probably set the foundation for her to be selected for the MOE Sports Program which she enjoys thoroughly. The STEAM program is also fun. The activities help build understanding of Math and Science. At home, my youngest daughter often tells me what was taught in STEAM and how it encourages her to enjoy Science. Although cut short by Covid measures, the Explorers program was enjoyable for my youngest daughter. The focus on teaching the children skills to be independent helps build confidence in the children. The time spent doing the activities together is also a good time for bonding. St Paul has played a huge role in my children lives. We will miss the place. But we will continue to pray that their work will glorify Christ and bear much fruit.

Mrs Sim

We know we had made the right decision to register our girl in St Paul Playgroup Programme when she always shares with us her day in school. I am really thankful for the staff and especially her teachers to transit her so well since it was her first school experience. They have been really patient and observant, as they constantly update us on the progress of our girl or things that we can work on for her. She has since been more vocal and more sociable with other children. What is really nice is how spacious the school is which allows the children to explore and have fun!

Mrs Ong

When we were searching for a preschool to enroll our eldest, we wanted a faith-based kindergarten that has a nurturing environment and develops the children academically without giving them too much stress. We are thankful to have enrolled both our girls to SPCK. It fits our criteria and way exceeded our expectations.

SPCK’s curriculum is well balanced. Everyday the children have time for physical gross motor as well as academic development. My children love water play, playground and also gardening time with their classmates. The STEAM program teaches the children about science and math in an integrated hands-on manner. What sets SPCK apart from other preschools is their Explorer’s program. They are the first kindergarten with a uniform group program in Singapore. The Explorer’s program is engaging and develops them to be responsible, humble and resilient. The activities encourage parent-child bonding and I witness my children applying what they learn from Explorer’s at home.

Both my children always look forward to going to school. They have never cried at departure, a testament that they feel safe and secure at St. Paul’s. They come back with lots of tales to tell us about their adventure and learning in school. They often surprise us by singing worship songs (in both English and Chinese) that they have learnt in school.

We are very happy and thankful for the team of dedicated teachers who have worked tirelessly during the circuit breaker to send us weekly home learning plans. In all the years that my children are in SPCK, they have developed themselves to be confident, curious learners.

Thank you Ms Michele, Susan and the team of wonderful teachers and aunties that have made a difference in my girls in the years when they are in SPCK. May God continue to prosper the works of this school and use the team mightily to sow seeds of truth in the impressionable hearts of the next generation.

Mrs Ting

Today was the Explorers’ Graduation, and I think it is an opportune moment to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to SPCK, the staff, Principal Michele and Pastors Christina and Jinrong, for their excellent work.

The Explorers program has been an amazing experience for the kids. I truly appreciate the hard work put in to plan the weekly activities (and underlying lesson behind each activity), and the logistics behind everything. In particular, the Spartan Race truly blew me away when I realised how much fun the kids had (“Care! Courage! Perseverance!”), all made possible only with the sheer effort of the team and presumably, volunteers.

I do believe that the valuable life’s lessons picked up during the Explorer’s program, have impacted the kids in an amazingly beneficial way.

Thank you again for your labour in love. I really do hope your school and the Pastors will continue with this program for years to come! God Bless!

Mrs Fung
Dear Principal Michelle,

My children both enjoyed their time in SPCK. My son, especially enjoyed all the Explorers sessions and learnt so much. My daughter came home singing the songs that were taught in class and she remembered the sounds of the letters that were taught in the year. My husband and I especially appreciate the programmes and initiatives introduced by the school including planting the vegetable garden, hands-on experiments to learn Science and even the way that Childrens’ Day was celebrated- with a full day of learning about those who are less fortunate and how we could give back. I applaud your deliberate efforts to teach the children Godly values for daily living.

I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to my children’s teachers. My daughter’s English and Chinese Teachers have been so supportive, attentive and nurturing. My son’s form teacher has been an inspiration ad helped him want to go to school again. His Chinese teacher has also made a difference- he now sings Mandarin songs and voluntarily speaks mandarin at home sometimes and even asks me to translate things from English to mandarin for him so he can learn.

Thank you for your wise leadership and your ceaseless desire to improve things in the school, be it the programmes, teaching methodology or how each and every opportunity can be turned into a meaningful teachable moment. Your desire to make learning meaningful and applicable is also something I greatly respect. It is also very apparent that you care for the children and this love for them permeates from the top down. I see all the staff at the school reaching out to the children, even those whom they do not teach. They are cheerful, kind and approachable. Given the demands of teaching so many little ones for so many hours, this is truly commendable.

I also want to make special mention of the school administrator. Her cheerfulness, patience, willingness to help and remarkable efficiency are so comforting and needed. The warm welcome in her voice every time I called the school will be something I won’t forget.

Thank you to all the staff and teachers at SPCK! Keep loving, teaching and inspiring the little ones. Keep doing what you are doing!

Mrs Chan
Dear Principal Michelle,

MI decided to enroll my daughter Elissa to SPCK because of my memorable experience as a child in SPCK in K2. I had hoped that my daughter will be nurtured in the same environment that I grew up in. To my delight, not only was the environment as nurturing as it had been for me, Elissa also reflected a number of virtues that SPCK has espoused in their curriculum. She is kind and sharing towards her classmates. She deeply cares for those around her and at home. She also enjoys helping me with the housework and is creative during her play time with her younger sister. On a side note, when we first heard Elissa sang her grace song before tucking into her meal, we were delighted to find out that she learnt it from school.

The teachers at SPCK were also responsible in tracking her progress, and provided useful suggestions to my husband and I on certain concerns that we had on our daughter, more specifically on strengthening her language skills and her concentration span. These tips have proved to be helpful. They also took the effort to reinforce and pay more attention to these areas when Elissa was in school. We are appreciative of the attentiveness of the teachers, and playing an active part in her growth and development.

II will strongly recommend SPCK as a kindergarten of choice to any parent who are looking for a loving, nurturing environment; a school that brings up a child in a Godly environment.

Mrs Choong
Hi Michele,

My wife and I were looking for a Christian-based kindergarten in the North East region and St Paul’s Church Kindergarten was one of the choices in our consideration. In order to understand the school better, we visited the kindergarten for an orientation. One of the first things about SPCK that struck us was how involved the principal, Michele, was in running the day-to-day affairs of the school, eg checking HFMD of each child and greeting them at the school door. To us, an involved leader would mean she cares deeply about the children and their well-being.

We would describe SPCK as a school which gives you a family-warmth feel where every teacher seem to know each child by name and would greet them by their name at the door. When our child faced challenges in school, we observed that other teachers also tried to help, which makes us feel assured that our son is in a loving environment for his growth, especially when he joined the school in Term 2 instead of Term 1, hence he had lots to catch up with his peers. As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child” and SPCK is that village that puts the child’s well-being before all else.

The teachers’ love and patience with my son was evident when he would come home during the initial weeks telling us that he likes his teachers. This was great as our son is usually slow to warm up to strangers! Weeks went by and we can tell how much our son loves his school when he keeps singing songs taught by the school and much improved spoken Chinese. He has also quickly learnt to be independent by performing personal maintenance skills like wearing his shoes on his own and feeding himself. When we asked who taught him, he would proudly tell us it was his teachers.

If you are looking for a kindergarten where you can entrust your child with, as well as having ample space for him to explore during class time, SPCK is highly recommended!

Mr Chow
To the wonderful team at SPCK

At SPCK, my husband and I experienced what “It takes a village to raise a child” truly means. The administrative staff and teaching staff partner with parents in educating the heart and minds of the children. While ensuring that my son master basic literacy and numeracy skills, SPCK also places equal emphasis on values and life skills.

The well-thought out curriculum never fails to engage my son in his years with the school. He would always share his learning experiences with excitement and look forward to new adventures in school. This joy of learning can be attributed to the experiential learning programmes as well as the positive school culture in SPCK where children are empowered and loved.

The belief that all children can learn led to the many different opportunities my son was given. He conducted experiments and understood the importance of observation. He worked in groups and learnt how to negotiate complexities in a safe environment. He gained confidence though the platforms provided to showcase different strengths— be it song and dance or show and tell.

The Explorers’ Programme helped my son develop different skill sets that form the foundation of holistic education. At the same time, it helped him gain greater awareness of his own strengths and areas of growth.

My husband and I would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to all the staff at SPCK for the foresight in leadership, the forward looking curriculum and the faithful staff. Thank you for being true to the heart of education by educating the heart such that all children that pass through your hands receive a quality education.

Mr and Mrs Chua